Special Report: Leading US Doctors Validate A Naturally Occurring Appetite Suppressant That Is Highly Effective For Controlling Weight, Healthy Blood Sugar and Lipid Levels

  Major Weight Loss Breakthrough

300 Year Old 'Himalayen Secret' Stops RUNAWAY APPETITES 

 Blocks Cravings For Sugar and High Calorie Foods

This 100% Drug-Free Discovery Is Backed By Multiple Private Clinical Studies With The Help Of A Grant From The Governments's National Institute Of Health (NIH) And Is Currently Being Used By Top Athletes and Doctors All Over The World!

All Natural Plant Oil Stops Cravings With Side Benefits

The Largest weight loss Breakthrough In The Last 100 Years...

Hi, I am medical scientist Clint Winters.

Today I am revealing a weight loss discovery so important that The American Diabetes Association published a placebo controlled double blind study on it!

... One that is set to change the way millions battle fat and excess pounds FOREVER.

This special report is all about a major natural appetite suppression discovery that blocks cravings for sugar and has everyone in the weight loss industry excited

… I will begin with one simple guarantee.

You have NEVER heard about what I am revealing today, it is virtually unknown to the entire world, including mainstream medicine.

Plus it is the only diet aid I have ever seen that actually has side benefits.
  • What I am revealing CANNOT be found in a store
  • ​It is NOT an ingredient you have heard about
  • ​And this is NOT another sales letter about CBD
  • ​And It is clinically significant in private clinical studies to show benefits in weight loss, decreased abdominal girth, blood sugar, HDL cholesterol levels and blood pressure
Let's start with a report from a clinical study published in Diabetes Care by the American Diabetes Association

This is mind-blowing....
randomized, double-blind, placebo-controlled, parallel-group, study was conducted at four U.K. centers.
This plant oil extract significantly decreased fasting plasma glucose (estimated treatment difference [ETD] = −1.2 mmol/L; P < 0.05) and improved pancreatic β-cell function.

The Clinical study concluded that this Plant Oil Extract  could represent a new therapeutic agent supporting glycemic control in subjects with type 2 diabetes.
.. And this is just the tip of the iceberg.

Yes! What I am revealing today is not a drug or a prescription...it is an ancient 300 year old plant oil with very rare nutrients not found in other plants...nutrients that allow locals to not only stay thin and healthy....but to  live literally without illness and sickness well into their 90's and 100's.

In fact....what you are about to discover is that turning off your appetite and reducing your cravings is just one benefit...just wait till you see the HEALTH side benefits shown in private clinical studies!

There is much more research just below.

Today I am revealing what the #1 cause of weight gain is in America and how you can escape from it and enjoy lifetime slimness....

Do You Suffer From Hedonic Hunger?

The #1 Cause Of Obesity In America!

According to the National Institutes For Health (NIH), Hedonic Hunger refers to your "desire to consume foods for the purposes of pleasure and in the absence of any physical hunger."

What is the cause of Hedonic Hunger? 

Sugar is the #1 reason for overeating and hedonic Hunger because- get this- it is more addictive than cocaine!

The more sugar you consume..the greater your cravings for high calorie foods and the faster you gain weight!

The bottom line is that Sugar makes you feel good by giving you a temporary dopamine high. The result leads to a crash in energy and more desire to eat.

WARNING: If you eat any of these 7 sugar/fat foods below, you are probably a victim of gaining weight constantly and ruining your health!

1. Fast Food:  Burgers, fries, fried chicken, and pizza are staples of the American diet. These foods are typically high in both saturated fats and sugars, 

2. Soda and Sweetened Beverages: Soft drinks, energy drinks, and sweetened teas are major sources of added sugars.

3. Desserts and Sweets: Cake, cookies, ice cream, and candy are high in sugar and fats. 

4. Processed Snacks: Chips and all kinds of snacks are loaded with fats and sugars. These convenient, shelf-stable foods are have zero nutritional.

5. Breakfast Cereals: Most breakfast cereals, especially those marketed to children, contain high amounts of sugar.

6. Baked Goods: Doughnuts, muffins, and pastries are typically made with refined flour, butter, and sugar.

7. Pre-packaged Meals: like Flavored Yogurts, Granola Bars, Cereal Bars and Breakfast Pastries, Fruit Snacks and Gummies, Bottled Smoothies 

All these foods are high in fats and sugars that have been added to enhance flavor, stimulate cravings and preserve the food. 

The question becomes: How do I stop eating them?

They make me feel so good and I have uncontrollable cravings...

Today you are going to learn about an ancient plant oil that not only takes away these cravings...but give you multiple health benefits a the same time!

What If You Had Absolutely No Desire To Eat These High Sugar Fat Foods?

According to Science Direct, PubMed and the NIH, it is now possible to block your appetite cravings naturally so you melt down fat after every time you eat...

...so your body automatically burns away pounds by the day, inches by the week!

Just imagine being able to “bullet-proof your body” against taking in excess fat-builder calories and flow them right out of your body like water flowing out of a wide open faucet. 

How? Because you are about to experience absolutely zero desire for sugar or fat

In fact, the sight of these foods will be enough to turn your stomach while you enjoy a renewed energy and fantastic health

And most important of all, for the first time ever give yourself the opportunity to finally enjoy LIFETIME FREEDOM FROM FAT!

Extremely Rare 'Natural Chemical'   
Discovered At The University of Oxford 

Back In 1971, researchers at the University of Oxford were investigating a cannabis sample when they found a "natural compound' that was unknown to medical science.

It wasn’t THC or CBD, the two most famous compounds created by cannabis plants... They called this new natural chemical tetrahydrocannabivarin, or better known as THCV. 

THCV is not to be compared with THC- THC is known for its appetite-stimulating properties, often referred to as "the munchies." THCV is exactly the opposite- scientists call it the "anti-munchies" compound

Scientists believe that THCV works by BLOCKING the rewarding sensations associated with eating, especially the pleasure derived from sweet or comfort foods.

According to Saorise O’Sullivan, PhD, a researcher and scientist “The theory behind appetite suppression is that THCV can block the CB1 receptor. "

Why is this important?

The CB1 receptor is known to stimulate appetite, so blocking this receptor reduces appetite,” O’Sullivan says.

Recently,This 300 Year Old Plant  Has Been Clinically Studied For Appetite Suppression, Reducing 
Unhealthy Cravings, Weight Loss PLUS 
Healthy Glucose Levels

Additional Benefits Your Heart, Mental Acuity and Circulation Inflamation...Even Sleeping Deeper and Longer Have Also been Studied!

And these are not just regular clinical studies. They are private placebo controlled, double blind studies- the clear standard of efficacy that show overwhelming evidence to the side benefits of this plant alkaloid.

One study even received a  grant from the Government's National Institute of Health (NIH) and the study participants were made up of employees from the prestigious Mayo Clinic.

So we are not talking about some random plant oil extract that has never been studied before...

These private studies measured Weight loss, Inch loss,  Cravings, Ability To Resist Cravings, Anxiety Levels, Nervousness, Difficulty Sleeping and Ability To Relax...


And it is not only these private studies that show amazing results-  Pubmed and the American Diabetes Association have shown clinical evidence that this plant oil extract is for REAL!

... And that is why I want you to keep reading... you are about to be REALLY surprised and excited.

I confidently make a single assurance RIGHT NOW.

I am not here to waste your time.

The Big Problem: Supply is Short and 
Harvesting Even More Difficult... 

Hemp Plants (That Contain THCV) Can Only Be Found In Remote Areas Of the World!

According to Jonathan Vaught, PHD, “There are only a limited number of plants that produce viable quantities of THCV. 

The supply chain is not strong, THCV is a rare cannabinoid and its very expensive,” Vaught says.

Here is the issue- Hemp plants containing  (THCV) are influenced by genetic, environmental, and evolutionary factors.

They can only be found in remote areas of the world that experience the ideal 
temperature and light exposure plus a rich mineral soil that influence the plant's biochemical composition. 

Plus these plants must have a 300 year history to be able to mature and develop so they contain high amounts of minor cannabinoids like THCV.

Locals who have been fortunate enough to live near older 300 years old hemp plants have been able to enjoy the benefits of these plants for the past 50 years and show virtually no signs of aging and live healthy and illness free late into their 90's and over 100 years of age

NOW...all that is changing ever since a Colorado doctor discovered a massive field of these plants in the Himalayen Mountain Foothills... 

Discovered in the Himalayas: Large Fields Of Hemp Plants With High Concentrations of  THCV!

Dr. Paul Murray "in his own words"

Dr Paul Murray, Medical Researcher and Plant Oil Expert heard about mystical 300 year old hemp plants that grow in the foothills of the Himalayen Mountains.

He flew into Beijing…caught a small plane to Jo Tong and then drove about 2 hours on unpaved roads to the base of the Himalayen Mountains.

The journey was very difficult. Yet he persisted because he knew how valuable these plants could be.
Upon reaching his destination, he was immediately awestruck by the plant's uniqueness. Its leaves shimmered with a peculiar radiance, hinting at its extraordinary potential.

The leaves were mostly bright green, with little sparkles of gold and tiny bits of blue that made them look magical. The stems were a deep purple, kind of like the color you see in the sky when the day turns into night. 

Dr Murray knew he had found something that could be life changing. Immediately, he hired some temporary local workers to pick several pounds of these plants so he could ship them back to his lab in Colorado and analyze their nutritional profiles.

Back in his laboratory he conducted several experiments, so he could unlock  the plant's secrets...

After several weeks, Dr Murray unlocked the full nutritional profile of the plants…and what he found was nothing short or a miracle…

He discovered a treasure chest of special nutrients called VARIN cannabinoids including THCV that were not present in any plants he had ever analyzed in the past.  

Dr. Murray Is Awarded A Legal License To Grow, Cultivate, Extract, and Export Hemp Oil

After confirming high concentrations of THCV and
realizing the need for immediate action, Dr. Murray entered negotiations with the government to harvest this botanical wonder. 

"We got the first legal license from the government to grow, cultivate, extract, and export hemp oil made from these old, ancient, heirloom strains. " DR Murray said.

The next biggest hurdle was clear: the financial investment needed to bring this vision to life.

Fortune smiled upon him when a local billionaire, inspired by Dr. Murray's vision and commitment, stepped in. 

He leased the land, equipped it with state-of-the-art machinery, and laid the foundation for a hemp revolution.
“We had a group of local workers harvest the high potency hemp plants by hand and load them on trucks," he said 

Dr. Murray's dream was becoming a reality...

"We had to hire about 70 scientists to actually run the machines to do the extraction,” he reflected.
Then the pls ants were moved to a processing center where they were dried and shredded.”  

He went on to say..."This took an incredible amount of work because we could only press about 1 kilo (2.2 pounds) of oil out of over 500 pounds of hemp plants!"

The raw oil was then shipped to an FDA registered lab in Colorado to be processed according to full FDA safety protocols while maximizing potency.

Dr Murray Succeeded in Getting a Patent 
On The Process To Manufacture Hemp Oil

Dr Murray  knew that trying to extract full spectrum hemp oil from hemp plants required expertise that was not currently available- so he set his sights on developing an extraction system.

Not only did he succeed, but Dr Murray and his team received patents around the equipment and intellectual property used in the extraction process.

They were finally able to extract full spectrum hemp oil that included the all important THCV plus other lesser known minor cannabinoids that were very rare and contained such a health punch.

This is the same hemp oil that is the subject of private clinical studies...whose source is the 300 year old plants that grow in the mineral rich soils of the Himalayen Foothills..

This is a HUGE breakthrough...one certain to change the landscape of natural appetite suppression weight management forever.

Here are Just A Few Comments From Those Lucky Enough To Test This High Potency THCV Oil

"Discovering this oil has been a breakthrough for me. As a senior, I struggled with weight management and sleep issues. But since taking it, my appetite is under control, and I'm enjoying the best sleep in years. I still cant believe I lost the 20 pounds that Ive been trying to lose for decades! My energy levels are up, and I'm back to gardening, my favorite hobby. My doctor even noticed my improved blood pressure. It's like I've found the fountain of youth in this little bottle. This oil has truly revitalized my golden years!"-Jon B.

 I was always skeptical about supplements, but this oil changed my mind. After just a few weeks, my cravings for sweets reduced, and I had little desire to overeat. I'm also enjoying deeper sleep and better focus at work. It's incredible how a plant oil has made such a difference. If you're on the fence about trying it, I say go for it. It's been a total game-changer for me."-Gabby T.

"Hey, I'm Stephen and I'm an NASM Certified personal trainer. I started recommending this plant oil to some of my clients, and the results have been nothing short of impressive. What I've noticed is that my clients using it are losing weight faster than I'm used to seeing. They're also coming into sessions with more energy and sustaining strength longer during workouts. Its really an amazing thing to see. As a trainer, my goal is always to help people achieve their best self, and seeing such positive changes in my clients is incredibly rewarding."-Stephen L.

“When it comes to trying to lose weight, I’ve tried literally everything out there. And let me tell you, this plant oil is BY FAR the best and easiest thing I’ve tried. I’ve only been using it for about 10 weeks, but I’m already amazed. It makes losing weight so easy, i’m not even thinking about it. I just don’t feel the need to eat as much and it’s way easier for me to stick to scheduled meals and stop all of the snacking I used to do. I still have a good amount to lose but I’m already down 22 pounds! I just can’t believe it and I've been recommending it to all of my friends who have been saying the same thing. Definitely the easiest way to lose those unwanted pounds without any bad side effects.“-Angelica E.
Control sugar cravings
Manage Your blood sugar
Promote Healthy Blood Pressure

This is your chance to Naturally Suppress Your Appetite and FINALLY lose The Weight 

As the research shows, this may be the most powerful drug-free natural appetite suppressant discovery in our time.

One that addresses the root cause of overeating- your appetite! 

Especially for SUGAR cravings!

Plus it is the only effective appetite suppressant that gives you multiple side benefits...with no reported side effects!

So, If you are overweight and been disappointed with other weight loss products in the past....
Do not leave this page.

Every word below is extremely valuable.

I can say this with full confidence.

Imagine, What Your Life Would Be Like...

To Lose Weight 'More Effectively Than Total Starvation' & is Safer Than A Baby Aspirin...

And imagine doing it without drugs or expensive doctor visits.

Heck, you won't even need a prescription, everything I am going to show you can be done at home in under 30 seconds.

Just think of what this amazing scientific breakthrough means to you if you want to lose pounds and inches faster and easier than you ever dreamed possible.

It means that NOW, trying every new diet under the sun, all you have to do is simply squirt this wondrous new great tasting HEMP THCV OIL under your tongue

In just minutes, users report feeling absolutely no desire to overeat...and no desire at all for higher calories 'sugar foods'...in fact they actually feel amazing...calm...positive...and happy!

This may be the most revolutionary new development in the weight loss industry in the last 100 years.. Your stomach no longer feels empty and grumbly. You no longer have feelings of irritablility, or that  "hangry" feeling. 

You no longer feel dizzy or off balance.

In fact, studies indicate that users feel no hunger pangs or creepy feelings in their stomachs at all...feeling completely satisfied with ZERO desire to over eat...

Wouldn't it be great to no longer fear gaining a single ounce…and watch in amazement as your body’s fat-storage cells start to empty themselves and you actually enjoy your new found desire NOT to overeat or consume sugar foods

It means that NOW, while still feeling completely satisfied....and instead of consuming excess calories that turn to layers of built-up fat…you do not have to worry about gaining a single ounce anymore…

...You feel completely full. You feel satisfied. 

Yet most important---you feel slimmer, thinner, firmer, trimmer! 

And it also means that NOW, because you have NOT punished yourself with high calorie sugary foods and you feel iron-clad willpower…there’s no cracking, no slide-back, you stay slim for good.

Your unhealthy cravings have completely disappeared- The dream of LIFETIME SLIMNESS is finally in your grasp!

And just imagine doing all that with SIDE BENEFITS!

Again, I am serious.

.What I am about to tell you is not just some new gimmick- it has been researched and written about by the government's  National Institutes For Health (NIH), Science Direct, PubMED and Harvard University

What I Love About This THCV Hemp Oil is
 NO SIDE EFFECTS...Only Side Benefits!

No Longer Suffer Through Hunger Pangs, Anxiety, Headaches and Sleepless Nights Any Longer!

If you have ever tried to lose weight , then you know that it can be challenging for a variety of reasons, both physiological and psychological.

Besides the excessive cost, possible side effects like nausea, diarrhea, constipation, irritabilty, constant hunger pangs, vomiting...or even more serious conditions like gallstones or eating disorders in severe cases.

And what about potential side effects like an increased heart rate, high blood pressure, agitation, insomnia, and even more serious conditions like heart valve disorders. 

Or dependency and abuse potential...

Now imagine losing the weight and not having to experience these side effects..would that not be a godsend?

In fact, what if it was safer than using baby aspirin?

Now imagine being able to lose weight because you have ZERO desire for high calorie foods...
With those kinds of results, you would probably use it daily with no fear, right?

Of course, you would - I mean, it would be life-changing!

Well, that is exactly what I am revealing today... And that is why this mysterious plant alkaloid is quickly taking the world by storm.

Ready for the big reveal?

Ok, let's jump in...

So, What Is This Weight Loss Breakthrough?

VARINIC THCV Oil Tincture: Extracted From Himalayen Hemp Plants

I am proud to introduce a High Potency THCV Hemp Oil...the same hemp oil, Paul Murray, a Colorado doctor, discovered in the mineral rich soil of the Himalayen Mountains

VARINIC is 100% all-natural, organic, vegetarian, gluten-free, non-GMO, and has ZERO preservatives, ZERO fillers, ZERO stimulants AND ZERO artificial colors.

Private clinical studies have shown this oil tincture promotes natural appetite suppression, less cravings for food (especially high calorie sugary foods), lower anxiety and stress levels plus better energy levels

Varinic's entire cannabinoid certificate of analysis (COA) is available...simply click HERE to see the amazing cannabinoids that cannot be found in North American Hemp plants

So you can be assured that it is potent, safe and effective!

And remember- Do not confuse THCV with THC, which gives you that high feeling and stimulates your appetite. 

THCV does exactly the opposite. 

In fact, Dr Gregory Smith describes THCV as the ""reverse munchies" in his book called THCV: The Anti-Munchies Appetite Killer 

THCV has been scientifically studied to NATURALLY reduce cravings ( especially sugar cravings) and curb the urge to overeat, making it a game-changer for those struggling with their weight.


High THCV Hemp Oil shows Side Benefits ! *

7 Side Benefits That Support Your Entire Body and Mind

1. Regulation of Blood Sugar Levels: Some studies suggest that THCV can help regulate blood sugar levels, which is beneficial for weight management and overall metabolic health.

2. Reduced Risk of Dependency and Side Effects: THCV is generally considered to have a lower risk of dependency and fewer adverse effects. 

​3. Boosting Energy Levels: Many appetite suppressants can lead to lethargy and fatigue, THCV is believed to have an energizing effect.

​4. Psychological Benefits: Mood-lifting and anxiety reducing properties, which could be beneficial for individuals whose eating habits are linked to emotional factors.
​5. Boosting your blood flow so you have healthy circulation and sex life

​6. Longer deeper sleep

​7. Fights pain and inflamation
Dr Phillip Moser- Weight Loss Expert
I have studied obesity for 30 years…and the latest research I am revealing today is so mind-blowing, it will probably anger you…

During my research for the past 5 years, I studied natural solutions to curbing appetites in order to lhelp people lose weight ...yet most of them didn't work...until now!

When I came across Varinic, I was literally blown away!

I have never seen anything that naturally reduces your appetite plus gives you such amazing side benefits.

Try it for yourself and you will not be sorry!

 No Other Hemp THCV Oil In The World Can Compare to Varinic Oil Tincture!

VARINIC is 100% all-natural, ORGANIC, hemp oil extract from over 300 year old hemp plants found in the Himalayen Mountains. 

The natural compounds in Varinic play a crucial role in supporting your entire EndoCannabinoid System (ECS).... balancing your organ systems,  tissues, cells, and biomolecules that help sustain  life!

The endocannabinoid system (ECS) plays a crucial role in regulating metabolism and energy balance in the body as well as pain perception and response, mood and stress responses...

PLUS plays a pivotal role in regulating the immune system, various functions of the brain, body temperature and reproductive system.

It influences various metabolic processes, including appetite, energy expenditure, and fat storage,

MCT Oil has been added to boost absorption plus Peppermint Oil to make  Varinic tastes great! 

Plus every batch is Third Party Tested-  by an FDA Registered Lab to make sure that the tincture in each bottle meets the very top standards for quality, purity, and potency.

Then the oil is poured into glass bottles that are impermeable... meaning the glass does not react with the contents of the tincture so you are protected against contamination. 

All finished glass bottles are then safely stored under lock and key before shipping

Sustainable Weight Loss: VARINIC's THCV Advantage

6 Reasons why is THCV poised to be the overweight person's ultimate solution for sustainable weight loss? 

1. Natural and Safe: THCV is a natural compound derived from plants, making it a safer alternative to synthetic appetite suppressants or extreme diets that often come with undesirable side effects.

2. Reduces Cravings Naturally: Say goodbye to the yo-yo effect of crash diets. THCV doesn't force you to starve or deprive yourself… instead, it helps turn off your desire for sweets, processed or Savory foods by influencing your CB1 receptor that regulates appetite, mood, and other physiological processes.

Unpublished clinical studies show after 90 days, participants reported 99% less craving for sweet food, 99% less craving for Savory food, and 99% reported it was easier to resist cravings compared to the placebo.

Less cravings means less calories and more weight loss!

3. Maintain Muscle Mass: Unlike some weight loss methods like Ozempic, Mounjaro and Wegovy that lead to muscle loss, THCV has shown promise in preserving lean muscle mass, ensuring your body remains strong and toned during your weight loss journey.

4. Improved Metabolism: THCV plays a role in boosting metabolism, by maintaining muscle mass, helping your body burn calories more efficiently even at rest.

5. Mood Enhancement: Most people who diet experience stress and mood fluctuations that make them feel irritable and unhappy.
Emotional eating is a common obstacle in weight loss.

THCV plays a role in mood-enhancing properties to help you stay on track by reducing stress and anxiety-related cravings.

6. Sustainability: The key to successful weight loss is making long-lasting lifestyle changes. THCV empowers you to build healthier habits as you live a healthy healthy lifestyle and lower your brain set point to maintain your ideal weight in the long term.

Supports Your  Endocannabinoid System  
Critical For aLl Body and 
Mind Functions

VARINIC helps balance your entire Endocannabinoid System (ECS) with 110 known cannabinoids...11 of which cannot be found in North American Hemp Plants and are the key to so many health benefits.

According to Harvard Health, “the Endocannabinoid System (ECS) is critical for almost every aspect of our moment-to-moment functioning. "

"The ECS regulates and controls many of our most critical bodily functions such as...

8 Ways Your Endocannabinoid System Balances
A Healthy Body & Mind

1. Metabolism

The ECS helps regulate the energy balance and metabolism of fats and carbohydrates that balances appetite, energy expenditure, and fat storage,

2. Pain Sensation

Endocannabinoids interact with cannabinoid receptors, particularly CB1 and CB2 receptors, to release neurotransmitters and inflammatory processes, thereby alleviating pain and reducing inflammation.

3. Mood and Stress Responses

- The ECS plays a role by influencing neurotransmitter release through its action on cannabinoid receptors in the brain, particularly CB1 receptors...thus  balancing emotional responses and stress hormones.to maintain mental equilibrium, reduce anxiety, and enhance resilience to stress.

4. Sleep

The ECS influences sleep cycles and the sleep-wake cycle, which helps in the transition between different stages of sleep, contributing to restful and restorative sleep. In an unpublished study, participants enjoyed 2.9 hours of additional deep sleep per night compared to the placebo.

5. Immune System Function

The ECS modulates immune responses through interactions with cannabinoid receptors, particularly CB2 receptors found on immune cells. This interaction helps in maintaining immune homeostasis, balancing pro-inflammatory and anti-inflammatory responses, 

6. Neuroprotection and Development

The ECS plays a role in neurogenesis (the growth and development of nervous tissue) and in protecting neurons against damage... plus influences neural activity, modulates neurotransmitter release, and plays a key role in maintaining neuroplasticity, cognitive functions, and emotional regulation.

7. Reproductive Systems

The ECS interacts with cannabinoid receptors present in reproductive organs and tissues and plays a crucial role in hormone regulation, 
fertility, and sexual function, 

8. Body Temperature

ECS affects your hypothalamus, which is the body's temperature control center and helps to maintain a stable internal temperature in 
response to external and internal changes.

 Got a  Sweet Tooth? No Problem 

 Did You Know Sugar Is More Addictive Than Cocaine?

According to Scientific American, "sweets actually change brain chemistry in a way that drives some people to overconsume."

They compare sweet or fatty foods to cocaine and gambling- they both captivate the brain's reward circuit in exactly the same way!

The authors refer to it as Hedonic Hunger defined as a "powerful desire for food in the absence of any need for it; the yearning we experience when our stomach is full but our brain is still ravenous".

They go on the blame these sugary foods as the " primary contributor to surging obesity rates in developed countries worldwide, particularly in the U.S." 

Control Sugar Cravings With a Single Daily Squirt Under Your Tongue  

Varinic's THCV Oil TINCTURE Kills Your Desire For Higher Calorie Sugary Foods. 

In fact, Varinic's Oil Extract shows 99% less cravings for sugary and savory foods  in private clinical studies*( the biggest contributor to weight gain)

Check out this statement about sugar from the Government's National Institute for Health (NIH), "foods with a higher GI, such as drinks sweetened with sugar, are rapidly digested and absorbed and provoke a rapid increase in blood glucose, a fact that exacerbates hunger and favors hyperphagia, since these foods are unable to stimulate the mechanisms of satiety."

That means the more sugary foods we eat, the more we desire them- in fact, it becomes almost impossible to stop eating them because we are so addicted.


Sugar stimulates dopamine, which is known as the "feel-good hormone" or "pleasure chemical."

That is why medical scientists say that SUGAR IS MORE ADDICTIVE THAN COCAINE!

You never feel satisfied...

How Varinic Suppresses Your Appetite

Imagine having the ability to control or simply "turn off" your appetite...without feeling any hunger pangs, headaches or nervousness 

Well, that is exactly how THCV works....

You see...your brain has CB1 receptors that help to regulate your appetite. 

When you block your CB1 receptor in your brain, you are effectively  suppressing your appetite. 

Here is what the National Institutes For Health (NIH) says, "CB1 signaling can increase appetite and stimulate feeding- by blocking this signaling it does the opposite- it suppresses your appetite!"

As a result, you experience weight loss, decreased abdominal girth, blood sugar, HDL cholesterol levels and blood pressure by reducing caloric consumption.

Not only that...but you get multiple side benefits too....calming anxiety , anti-inflammation, blood flow, longer deeper sleep...plus supports your entire endocannabinoid system that plays a role in learning and memory, emotional processing, sleep, temperature control, pain control, inflammatory and immune responses.

No other known natural compound on earth has shown so much overall health potential.

Sounds too good to be true, right?

I know, that is how I felt when I first read all of the data.

But, as you will see, the 52 years of scientific data is INCREDIBLY strong and building.

You better sit down for this...

If You Suffer From Poor Circulation...Varinic Boosts Your Blood Flow Too!

Varinic Helps Stimulate Your Blood Flow To Stimulate Weight Loss Too!

I am not being shy....when I describe the amazing potential of Varinic THCV Oil Tincture to support so many health issues- Now we have learned that it stimulates blood flow too!

Unlike other weight loss solutions, medical scientists have seen evidence that Varinic enhances  oxygen and nutrient delivery...thereby boosting blood flow and metabolic processes...effectively burning more calories and fat...

...plus giving you all the other benefits of healthy circulation that is great for your arteries and your heart

In fact, you will feel more energy...more clarity...and more confidence - You will feel alive again.

5 Ways Boosting Blood Flow Accelerates Weight Loss

1. Enhanced Metabolism: Improved blood circulation helps in better oxygen and nutrient delivery to the body's cells. This efficiency can boost metabolic processes, which in turn can lead to more effective burning of calories and fat.

2. Effective Muscle Function: When muscles receive adequate blood supply, they work more efficiently during physical activities, leading to increased calorie burn.

3. Toxin Elimination: The removal of toxins and waste products from the body can improve overall health and contribute to a more efficient metabolism, helping in weight loss.

4. Temperature Regulation: Improved circulation can enhance the body's ability to generate heat (thermogenesis), which can burn additional calories.

5. Reduced Water Retention: Excess water weight can be a barrier to weight loss, and improved circulation can aid in alleviating this issue.

Healthy Blood Flow May Be the Most Important Indicator To Keep You Healthy

The options are really limitless.

Imagine widening and expanding your blood vessels for a steady current of nutrient and oxygen-rich blood that circulates throughout your body that accelerates your weight loss yet so much more like...
....keeping brain cells communicating with each other...

... helping to relieve cold and tired legs and feet.

...enhancing proper functioning of organs, muscles, and tissues.

...reducing the strain on the heart and helps you maintain healthy blood pressure and reduce the risk of cardiovascular issues...

...enhancing the delivery of oxygen and nutrients to the brain, which can boost cognitive functions, improve memory, and reduce the risk of stroke and dementia.

...helping you to recover from injuries, reduces muscle soreness, and aids in the repair of tissues.

Now do you realize why the discovery of THCV has been referred to as NATURE'S MOST POWERFUL APPETITE SUPPRESSANT...

...and why such a noted medical authority as DR PHILIPPE MOSER believes that supporting your entire Endocannabinoid System (ECS) has a direct relationship to not only achieving a healthy weight but also promoting healthy circulation, longer deeper sleep, fighting pain and inflamation, promoting less fear and anxiety and of equal significance...

It opens up a whole new world of possibilities.

And I am not saying this as a hypothetical.

I am saying this because Varinic THCV Oil Drops have been tested by thousands of private test users over the past five years.

The success reported has been incredible.

The stories have been life-changing. 

And the science keeps coming in as the excitement grows!

THCV has been studied for a Decade and the science keeps pouring in!

Multiple Clinical Studies and Medical Reports

According to PubMED, "THCV decreases appetite, increases satiety, and up-regulates energy metabolism, making it a clinically useful remedy for weight loss and management of obesity and type 2 diabetic patients."

“The theory behind this is that THCV can block the CB1 receptor. [The CB1 receptor] is well known to stimulate appetite, so blocking this receptor could [reduce appetite],” O’Sullivan 

"THCV produces weight loss, and decreases body fat and serum leptin concentrations with increased energy expenditure..."

may "help to reduce seizures, regulate emotional reactions to food, and reduce cravings for addictive substances. There is interest in using tetrahydrocannabivarin for diabetes, pain, seizures, and other conditions,"

"THCV [is] analgesic and anti-inflammatory, it’s neuroprotective, which means it protects the nervous system. It’s anti-nausea and vomiting. It helps with bone health and bone formation, it’s sleep-promoting, it’s anti-epileptic, it’s anti-anxiety. It’s a major anti-psychotic. And it helps with appetite suppression, it’s anti-diabetic and it’s anti-cholesterol."
Dr. Michael Moskowitz

"treatment with the CB1 neutral antagonist tetrahydrocannabivarin increases neural responding to rewarding and aversive stimuli. This effect profile suggests therapeutic activity in obesity, perhaps with a lowered risk of depressive side effects."

Ongoing research has shown that one of the primary functions of the ECS is to maintain homeostasis in the body. The endocannabinoid system helps to maintain balance in the immune system, digestive system, and cardiovascular system. It also supports mental health and eyesight, skin health, and memory.
Pretty amazing, Right?

Yet it gets even better....

Hemp oil with high THCV concentrations has been privately researched over the last 10 years and the results are incredibly promising!

The clinical  research has been compiled and there has never been so much excitement around an ingredient that private clinical studies indicates suppresses your appetite naturally.

In a recent study,  volunteers came from Mayo Clinic employees and the study was funded by private money as well as small business grant from the National Institutes Of Health (NIH)

At day 0, active group participants showed a mean weight of 294.12 lbs, and placebo group participants showed a mean weight of 292.72 lbs.

At day 90, active group demonstrated a mean weight loss of 10.26 lbs compared to a small weight gain in the placebo group of +0.2 lbs...that is 51.3 times more weight loss than the placebo!
Further analysis showed the active group ( who used the THCV Hmep Oil) showed a maximum weight loss of 22 lbs and the placebo group only showed a loss of only 3 lbs. 

That is a huge difference!

Clearly, THCV is the future of safe and natural appetite suppression and sustainable weight loss.

Exciting, right?

Private Clinical Studies Compared Weight and Inch Loss  Sleep Habits, Food Cravings, Pain Levels and Anxiety* 

Private Clinical Double Blind Studies Show Strong Evidence 
THCV may offer various therapeutic effects with less psychoactive impact. Here's a summary of its potential benefits:

Appetite Suppression: THCV is believed to suppress appetite, which can be beneficial for weight management. Unlike THC, which tends to stimulate appetite, THCV might reduce hunger pangs and the desire to eat.

Reduction of Cravings: THCV may specifically help in reducing cravings for sugar and high-calorie foods, making it potentially useful for those looking to adopt healthier eating habits.

Improved Sleep: Some studies suggest that THCV may improve sleep quality, helping individuals fall asleep more easily and enjoy a longer, more restful sleep. This can be particularly beneficial for those struggling with sleep disorders.

Stress Reduction: THCV might have calming effects, potentially reducing stress and anxiety levels. This anxiolytic effect can improve overall well-being and mental health.

Anti-Inflammatory Properties: Like many cannabinoids, THCV has shown potential in fighting inflammation. This makes it a candidate for managing conditions associated with chronic inflammation, such as arthritis.

Blood Sugar Control: Preliminary research indicates that THCV may help regulate blood sugar levels, which is crucial for individuals with diabetes or at risk of developing diabetes.

Metabolism Boosting: THCV might help in boosting metabolism, contributing to more effective fat burning and energy utilization. This can support weight loss and overall metabolic health.

Warning: Big Pharma Is Now Showing Interest

The only possible thing that could stop full retail distribution is the Big Pharma Greed Machine

Not surprising, right?

We all saw how they took advantage of the pandemic.

Many of my colleagues feel like I may be targeted for revealing all of this information.

But here is the reality...

The THCV research you just read has alerted the Pharmaceutical companies and word has it they may be creating a synthetic version, a pharmaceutical that would eventually cost thousands per month.

You see, the kinds of results you are seeing could spawn many different drugs for not only weight loss, but for sleep, stress, blood flow and inflamation

Even though THCV is naturally occurring, a synthetic version that can chemically alter it could be patented and make millions!
This process is in place and who knows how long it will take them to produce their synthetic version?

... And when it does come it will be prescription only, only from your doctor.

In fact, with benefits of this magnitude, the price may be downright scary.  

It will surely generate billions! 

That's Why We Need To Act Quickly

Can you imagine waiting up to 10 more years without this breakthrough in the world even though it is naturally available right now. That would be denying everyone who wants to lose weight and gain health from using this revolutionary product

That is why I decided to use my scientific knowledge and go against the grain.

I combed through all the scientific data, interviewed Dr Paul Murray ( supplier of the Hemp Oil from the Himalayas) and helped  Zensezone Labs, a very reputable company,  bring the new hemp oil to market.  

WE WERE NOT GOING TO WAIT AROUND- not when this revolutionary THCV Hemp Oil Extract could make such a health change for millions of people!

So we contracted with Dr Paul Murray, ordered raw hemp oil from the Himalayas  and ramped up production of in an FDA registered Lab in Colorado and I am so proud to announce that we have the finished produce in a temperature controlled warehouse ready for shipment!

Varinic THCV Oil Tincture is Now Available 
Immediately On A Limited Basis!

 After 5 years of development, Varinic THCV-based natural appetite suppressant is finally becoming available for limited distribution.

This is a historic world exclusive and you are now a part of it.We named it VARINIC Hemp Oil Tincture 

Why Varinic?

Because the "V" in THCV stands for Varins... It is the Varins that have shown clinical evidence for appetite suppression and controlling cravings responsible for weight loss

Varinic Hemp Oil Tincture is not synthetic, not a chemical, and does NOT require a prescription. 

It is a completely natural extract from 300 year old hemp plants that contains a cannbinoid structure not found anywhere else in the world.

Varinic is 100% Organic, Gluten Free, Non GMO, with Zero preservatives, fillers, stimulants or artificial colors

This is your unique opportunity to be among the first to try Varinic before it hits the shelves nationwide. 

Remember, there is absolutely no where else that we know of where you can find Varinic anywhere else on earth.

Our commitment to quality means we're rolling out Varinic in carefully controlled batches, ensuring each bottle meets our high standards. 

Availability is restricted during this initial phase so act fast to secure your supply

Be a part of the Varinic revolution, paving the way for a healthier tomorrow!

Varinic THCV Oil Tincture may be the most revolutionary natural appetite suppressant that's changing the game in weight management ever developed! 

Where else can you find a natural blend of organic, non-GMO ingredients, featuring THCV designed to safely reduce your hunger and curb cravings with no jitters or hunger pangs....PLUS give you all the added health benefits of longer deeper sleep, fighting inflamation, managing stress and boosting blood flow!

This is your chance to be part of a weight loss journey that is sure to change the world!

Varinic Is Available at 1/10 The Cost Of Other More Traditional Weight Options 

With Zero Addiction Risk...

As you know  weight loss is a huge multi billion dollar industry that has exploded across the United States.

These medical practices are essentially printing money because they count of you failing.. 

They don't tell you that the majority of people fail to lose all their weight and according to Pubmed 2/3 of the people gain it all back and more

PLUS: If  you add up all of the fees traditional solutions  are INCREDIBLY expensive.

Plus, many are controversial and not covered by insurance.

Varinic Hemp Oil Extract is set to retail at $120 which many think is a complete bargain given everything it can do for your health...yet you are not going to have to pay anywhere near that price!

Weight Management Cost Breakdown:

  • Doctor Weight Loss Consultation (Including Tests): $500
  • ​Nutritionist, pre-packaged foods and/or group classes Between $200 to $500 or more
  • ​Monthly Doctor "Program Monitoring" is Another $300 to $500

The National Average may be $1200 Per Month With All the Doctor Visits and Diet Costs 

$1,200 Per Month?

That is a high end car or mortgage payment EVERY SINGLE MONTH, on average.

... And millions are in need of help

This is why "weight loss" doctors are striking it rich all over the United States.

Crazy, right?

When you consider these stats, $120 per 30 day bottle of Varinic THCV Oil Tincture is an INCREDIBLE value.

Natural Appetite suppression with no side effects ( only side benefits) and no brain fog, high feeling, headaches or energy drain.

... And NO expensive doctors visits.

Even with all of that...

At $120... I Understand that  Many still Cannot Afford  Varinic THCV Oil Drops

That's Why So I Negotiated A Very Special Discount

Be among the first to experience the future of weight management with our exclusive, limited release – sure to revolutionize the future of natural appetite suppression without jitters or hunger pangs.

It is your chance to join our select group of early adopters and help shape the evolution of weight loss, benefiting from an exclusive THCV Oil Tincture that cannot be found anywhere else in the world. 
As a token of appreciation for being part of this select group, we're offering an exclusive, substantial discount that will help to make this revolutionary journey towards wellness more accessible.

"Your commitment will ensure you get first-hand experience of this transformative weight loss solution at an unbeatable value."

I want to see millions Finally Lose The Weight That 
Has Plagued Them For So Many Years.

I am personally invested in helping every single man and woman to reach their ideal weights.

So, on this page, I want to make it as affordable as possible so it spreads like wild fire. 

That is the only way I can honestly look at myself in the mirror and say "YOU MADE A DIFFERENCE!"
WE know that many Americans (who desperately need to lose weight) cannot afford $120 or more per bottle regardless of the value. 

Yet we face a dilemma.  Retail distribution is expensive and there are so many middle men like distributors, wholesalers and retailers

All of this costs millions in marketing fees, driving up the retail price per unit. 

Now, let me be clear - Varinic is worth every bit of the $120 price point that will be retail stores in the summer of 2024 (maybe even 2X).

However, on this private page, you won't pay $120.

... As my reader, you are bypassing all of the retail fees and you are part of an exclusive group of early adopters who is going to get special pricing and privelages

I have negotiated "direct from the manufacture" pricing for my readers ONLY

Each glass bottle shipped in protective material  direct to you from Zensezone Labs

YES! You are about to gain access to Varinic THCV Oil Drops before the rest of the world..

... And you are accessing a tremendous INSTANT discount?

All you have to do is keep reading.

You Deserve a Special Discount As A Pioneer!

The price for  1 Month of Varinic sold by itself is valued at $120... Yet that is not even close to the price we are offering you today.
And You're Not Just Receiving Varinic Oil Tincture Today...

Just For being a part of this early adopter society, I'd like to give you free of charge these Value-Added Bonuses to help you reduce your caloric intake and lose weight faster!

The Metabolic Confusion Principal
( Valued at $59) Yours FREE!

Written by Obesity Expert Dr Philippe Moser, it is the first lifestyle- friendly diet plan ever created that allows you to eat your favorite foods, not starve yourself to..Get This... accelerate your weight loss.

This radically simple blueprint works for you even if you have...Bad Genetics, A Low Metabolism, A Super Busy Lifestyle, A History Of Obesity, Food Or Sugar Addictions Or No Willpower

It Is Guaranteed To Accelerate Your Weight Loss Even If You Think You've Tried Everything Like... Counting Calories, Group Sessions, Keto and Protein Diets, Behavioral Modification, Dash Diet, South Beach Diet, Even The Raw Food Diet...

It is the key to losing weight with Varinic THCV Oil Tincture.

Daily Detox Cleanse For Optimal Health
( Valued at $49) Yours FREE! 

Written By Robert Riess, Health Researcher and Health Scientist, this valuable E-Book allows you to scrub all the toxins out of your body so you do not get sick…and stall your weight loss.

The Result?

Improved Energy Levels: By eliminating toxins from the diet and increasing the intake of healthy nutrients, detox programs can lead to improved energy and vitality.

Better Digestion: Detox diets often emphasize fiber-rich foods and hydration, which can aid in better digestion and regular bowel movements.

Enhanced Mental Clarity: Reducing the intake of substances like caffeine, alcohol, and refined sugar, which are often eliminated in detox diets, can lead to clearer thinking and better concentration.

Weight Loss: While not a sustainable long-term weight loss strategy, detox programs can initiate short-term weight loss, mostly due to the loss of water weight and reduced calorie intake.

Boosted Immune System: By consuming nutrient-dense foods and eliminating processed foods, detox programs can support the immune system, potentially leading to improved overall health

The Cholesterol Hoax
(Valued at $39) Yours FREE

Written by Robert Riess, learn how high cholesterol doesn't always mean high risk: Not all types of high cholesterol are equally dangerous.

Discover how statins, the most common type of cholesterol-lowering medication, can have side effects such as muscle pain, increased risk of diabetes, and liver damage in rare cases.

Learn how people metabolize cholesterol differently, and for some, high cholesterol might be a genetic trait that doesn't necessarily lead to heart disease. 

That Means Today You Will Not Be Paying The Retail Value For Varinic THCV Oil Plus All The Bonuses... Valued At $267

Nowhere close to that! So your investment today will NOT be $267...

Its not even going to be HALF that price of $134...

NOT Even $97!...
Your Total Investment Today...

Which includes a 1 month supply of Varinic THCV Oil and all the bonuses you is ONLY...

On This Page Only

YES I Am Activating an Instant credit of $198 So You Can Try Varinic THCV Oil and get all the bonuses For Just $267 $69

Varinic Factory Direct Pricing

00 Years 00 Months 00 Weeks 00 Days 00 Hours 00 Minutes 00 Seconds
This $198 credit is active for 60 minutes

Why only 60 minutes? Due to Incredible Demand!

This product already has a huge amount of anticipation. 

This was a groundbreaking discovery. The implications for medical science are immense, especially in a world grappling with obesity and related health issues.

Varinic THCV Oil Tincture Drops serve as a beacon of hope for millions seeking a natural way to manage their appetite and maintain a healthy lifestyle.

News of his discovery is spreading fast , as overweight men and women realize the potential of these Himalayan hemp plants to make a real difference in their lives.

So, thousands are reading this page and I am only allowed to authorize orders for the first 1000 people and a maximum of 6 bottles per person

Sadly, 60 minutes is a hard stop.

WAIT! It Gets Even better!

Get Up To 6 Bottles TODAY and Save HUGE!

Order 3 Bottles For only $49 each 
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3 Bottles Reg $120 Each...Only $49 each
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Choose your desired supply today before supplies run out...and remember you get all 3 free bonuses...yours to keep no matter what!

There are No strings attached, this is a one-time purchase (no subscriptions)

Plus, the process is very simple.

No hoops to jump through. 

Scroll down this page to get page to choose your desired supply-  it only takes only minutes to complete.

Once finished, you will have locked in the lowest price you can find Varinic anywhere in the world

You are really and truly part of weight loss history.

I can say this with ease.

It is hands down the most advanced natural appetite suppression product brought to market in the last 100 years.

You Are Paying as little as $1.30 Per Day For Life Changing Benefits!

In fact, it is less than many things you spend money on daily.

… And none of those have the huge potential of changing your life like Varinic THCV Oil Drops. 

For as little as $1.30 per day, you could FINALLY lose all your excess weight .

A cup of coffee is more expensive...

And without all these incredible health benefits!
Let’s be real - you could finally be released from “fat prison” and get back to enjoying life.

Your best years are STILL ahead....especially when you fact it all the side benefits- sleeping better and longer, fighting inflamation, boosting circulation and living stress free!

... And there is a way to INCREASE your savings...

Here is another Way You Can benefit by trying varinic today!

Get a FREE $50 Instant Store Credit With 
Your 3 or 6 Month Supply!

As you now know, Zensezone Labs carries some of the most effective pain relievers in the world as well as Varinic THCV Oil Tincture

Many are developed solely for athletes who are looking to regain an edge or seniors who are sick and tired of living in pain..

Use your new found gift certificate and enjoy pain relief like you have never seen before!

We want you to know that we are serious about doing everything possible to help you. We have taken the risk away from you and put it on ourselves

However, this is only available for a very limited time during out initial launch phase.

Why Am I Doing This?

Very Simply, Our Goals Align Perfectly For 
A True Win-Win Scenario

Your goal, you want to lose weight with no side effects at the best price possible.

My goal, I want product feedback and I want to see Varinic used by millions, helping as much as I can.

In this scenario, a huge discount benefits both of us.

I am a medical scientist and inventor and I am purely motivated by exposing you to the best researched health products in the world.

My personal  satisfaction comes from seeing millions use Varinic THCV Oil Drops, and being absolutely sure that Zensezone is a reputable and professional company who cares more about helping people than they do anything else.

And I know they can barely contain their excitement at finally distributing this new game-changing weight loss tincture- Varinic!
I love what Zensezone Labs stands for but they can only bring you these incredible discounts if they sell large volumes of Varinic all over the world

... And they do it at an extremely high manufacturing and production cost- remember it takes over 500 pounds of plants to produce just 1 kilos (2.2 pounds) of Varinic Oil tincture

All of that is extremely expensive, which means the retail cost is going to be much higher than the limited time offer you are getting today.

That is why you will find it on store shelves for $120 or more, when all of those costs are factored into the final retail pricing.

Now, don't get me wrong- many will gladly pay $120 as it is worth every penny.

But, for millions, it is cost prohibitive, so they go without safe and powerful pain relief because they can't afford the price point. 

That is why I got approval from Zensezone Labs™ to set up this page up for you and activate this incredibly limited discount.

Right now, Zensezone is able to sidestep ALL of those extra costs to give you a dramatic discount. 

On This Page Only... I Am Able To Give You "Factory Direct" Pricing, Saving You Over 70% On Varinic Oil Tincture Drops 

Priced as low as $39 per month , Varinic is accessible to every person reading this page.

I want everyone to experience what I have experienced and spread the word.

... And making Varinic Oil Tincture Drops more affordable on this private page will certainly help that.

To be clear, this is a no strings attached offer.

There is no "hidden subscription" or weird "gotcha".

You get access to highly discounted bottles of Varinic (on a  Full 90 Day no questions asked money back gaurantee) and save even more if you choose 3 or 6 bottles

No other requirements past that.

Plus (as I said above) even after a huge discount, the risk is all ours. If you decide for any reason that Varinic THCV Oil Tincture is not for you, we will gladly refund your money and you still get all the free gifts plus the $50 gift Code...no questions asked! 

You Only Have One Glaring Risk...

By Leaving This Page You Risk Missing Out on The health transformation Of The Century

Let’s take a second and review.
  • Varinic's THCV Hemp Oil has been repoirted on  for over 10 years by some of the  best scientists in the world and written about by Science Daily and the Governments National Institute of Health (NIH) to name a few
  • ​It is the only natural cannabinoid in the world that has been shown to help suppress your appetite and reduce suagr cravings plus give you several side benefits like supporting longer deeper sleep, fight inflamantion, manage anxiety and stress and so much more!
  • You have watched and read incredible  stories from others just like you.
  • ​You get to try the only THCV Oil Tincture product available in the world before the global release.
  • You are accessing a HUGE discount and a 100% 90 Day Money Back Triple Guarantee.
Yes! I have activated up to a  70%  Instant discount and sweeten the offer with 3 free gifts...

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This is more than a risk-free offer.

If you aren’t happy you will receive every single penny back...no questions asked

You make out like a bandit. 

However, I know the truth about this situation.

I am confident that Varinic IS going to work extremely well just like it has for thousands of others - I have seen it time and time again. 

… And when it DOES work for you, you will have a healthier life at your fingertips.

You won’t want to return it, you will want to learn how to buy as much as you can (I have seen this over and over).

Yes, you are THAT close to meaningful health for years to come.

That is why not giving Varinic THCV Oil Tincture Drops  a chance is your biggest risk of all. 

You risk missing out on safe and powerful health as you've never had.

You risk improving the quality of your life and enjoying more.

You risk moments with your family you can ONLY have if you are healthy.

You risk NOT getting back to the activities you love because you simpoly do not have the energy.

You risk the possible terrible side effects of traditional therapies

Don't make this mistake, you may regret it forever. 

You are closer than ever to a powerful daily relief without side effects. 

No more reading.

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When the clock hits "0" your exclusive access to a Zensezone labs credit goes away. 

This page will not refresh.

Your access and discount will be 100% gone. 

Don't let that happen.

The secure order form is just below 
00 Years 00 Months 00 Weeks 00 Days 00 Hours 00 Minutes 00 Seconds

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Zensezone offers the strongest 100% Money-Back Guarantee in the health industry. It is simple, if you do not like the product for any reason you can return it within 90 days for a 100% Full Refund. We give you a Full 90 days so you can get a chance to experience FULL USE of the product before you have to make a decision. Plus you still get the free gifts plus the $50 credit to any other product or a another bottle of Varinic!

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 Real Life Human Use Cases

Up to 90% Success Rate With No Reported Side Effects*

Natalie T. and Ben K. had life changing Transformations!

Mara F. is seeing multiple HUGE benefits!

Just Six More That Are Sure To Motivate You...

I had seen the TV ads for the popular prescription weight loss drug and it looked interesting as I wanted to drop some weight. I decided against because #1 I don't like needles #2 The cost was more than I could afford as my insurance did not cover this drug #3 I read about the side effects and the risk was not worth reward. Then I heard about the natural weight loss supplement, Varinic. Not only was it very affordable with NO Prescription, there were no needles and there are no known side effects. And better than that, it WORKS! I dropped 10 pounds the first month without giving up pizza, ice cream or burgers. Another thing I noticed but did not expect was joint pain relief and that I was sleeping better. Varinic pas become part of my daily routine

Darin Black

  • Verified User
I needed to drop a quick 10-15 pounds to get into a dress for a company get together that was coming up in 6 weeks. I wanted something natural and affordable that needed no prescription....and I don't like needles. I was not going to use the stuff that is constantly advertised on TV because I was not going spend $1000 and was afraid of the side effects after I did some research. A co-worker turned me on to Varinic and this stuff really curbed my appetite. I dropped the pounds with no gym time and I did not have to give up the foods I love. i got a lot of great compliments on how I looked in my dress and everybody was asking how I dropped pounds so quickly. Varinic, you now have a steady customer and I think many of my friends will soon be customers too as I spread the word.

Jean Kabitzke

  • Verified User
Hi, my name’s Natalie and I wanted to share something really close to my heart about Varinic. Growing up, I always felt like the odd one out because of my weight. It was tough, and I spent a lot of time alone, feeling pretty low about myself. I tried different things, packaged food, weight loss classes and even prescriptions but nothing really clicked until Varinic. Since taking Varinic, it's like my life has done a complete 180. In seven months, I lost over 40 pounds. But it's not just the weight loss. It's how it's changed me. I'm more outgoing now, making friends so easily, something I never thought I'd do. I'm going out, having fun, and for the first time, people are noticing me in a way they never did before. It's an incredible feeling. I feel confident, happy, and truly alive. Thanks to Varinic, I've found a version of myself I love. For anyone who's ever felt stuck or alone, Varinic might just be what you need to turn things around.

Natalie L Pooler

  • Verified User
When it comes to trying to lose weight, I’ve tried literally everything out there. And let me tell you, Varinic is BY FAR the best and easiest thing I’ve tried. I’ve only been using it for about 10 weeks, but I’m already amazed. It makes losing weight so easy, i’m not even thinking about it. I just don’t feel the need to eat as much and it’s way easier for me to stick to scheduled meals and stop all of the snacking I used to do. I still have a good amount to lose but I’m already down 22 pounds! I just can’t believe it and I've been recommending it to all of my friends who have been saying the same thing. Definitely the easiest way to lose those unwanted pounds without any bad side effects.

Linda Stillman

  • Verified User
Heyy, so this is actually the first review I’ve ever done. My passion is hiking in the wilderness…but this past summer I had to cancel. Why? I gained 25 pounds within about a month after someone in my family got ill. It zapped my energy and my enthusiasm. It was so disheartening, affecting not just my physical health but my mood too. Then, I tried Varinic. It's amazing. The weight began to come off, my joint pain eased, and I was back on my favorite trails, feeling stronger and more confident. It was so easy to lose the 30 pounds…just a dropper full under my tongue in the morning- who couldn’t do that?. The best part is that I actually feel happy in life again. I'm sleeping way better too. I highly recommend Varinic, It's been transformative for me.


  • Verified User
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